How to Maintain an Aluminum Fence

Maintaining a newly installed or existing aluminum fence does not have to be hard. While aluminum fences are known for their sturdiness and durability, they are not exempt from erosion and common wear and tear issues. According to industry experts, there are a few ways you can protect your aluminum fence and secure its longevity. This includes daily or weekly cleaning, along with shrub maintenance, painting, and especially repairs and upgrades. While the latter does not necessarily mean fence replacement, it can relate to staining and polishing which protects fences and components from weather related elements.

Aluminum Fence Maintenance

Protecting your aluminum fence does not entail countless hours of labor and hard work. With a few simple steps, you can truly protect your investment and guarantee it will last for years to come. The following are some vital steps in securing proper aluminum fence or gate maintenance:

  • Fence cleaning – Cleaning your fence is the first step in removing unwanted stains and spots. Frequent cleaning via simple soap and water will preserve its vibrancy and strength. You can use a powerful water hose or hand clean it if desired. Check with your manufacturer, however, if you decide to apply a cleaning solution.
  • Shrub maintenance – Trimming your shrubs and trees is also essential in protecting your fence. With tree and shrub trimming, you can prevent the elements from spilling over into the gate and causing form problems. You will also be able to keep debris and other items away from the top, sides, and foundation of the fence.
  • Fence repairs and maintenance – Fence repairs should be handled in a timely and professional manner. Simply contact your manufacturer or a local fence company to handle any mechanical problems or issues.
  • Fence painting – While not mandatory, painting is a great way to keep your fence looking clean and polished. It also helps the fence effectively blend in with your back or front yard décor. The first step in proper fence painting is to remove powder and residue left on the structure after power washing. This can be done via de-glossers, which prepare the fence for painting. Whether via spray paint, latex paint, or primers, you are guaranteed smooth applications if executed properly. To secure the paint and its vibrancy, simply apply a fresh coat when necessary. Touching up certain spots is another way to keep the fence looking fresh and professional.

Aluminum Fences with Tinting

For aluminum fences with pre-tinting, simply use the touch up process to preserve the tints and tones. With regular maintenance, your fence is guaranteed to sparkle like new.

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