How to Repair the Top Rail of a Chain Link Fence

Repairing the top rail of a chain link fence does not have to be hard. In fact, you can secure timely results with just a few simple steps. Chain link fences are designed to protect residential and commercial properties. They are also easy to install blend in with the décor of your property. While some designs differ, most chain link fences entail metal pipes that form the top rails. These, of course, are equal in size and strength, which support other fencing components. They also secure the right shape for chain link net. In order for your chain link fence to remain durable, the top rail must be strong. If the top rail is damaged, it should be replaced immediately.

Top Rail Repairs

If extensive damage are present, replacing the top rail is an effective solution. For normal damages, however, there are ways to fix the problems yourself. While it may seem tedious at first, the following tips are guaranteed to ensure a favorable outcome:

  1. The first step is utilizing large pliers to untie fence ties on the top rails. Do not, however, untie the fence ties from posts that secure support for the chain net.
    An adjustable or socket wrench is then needed to safely remove nuts and bolts from the rails. Lift up the rail end away from the bracket it is attached to.
  2. Use a hammer to tap the inner rail edges, which will loosen them. This will also remove the rail end entirely. Use the same method with the other side of the rail end. You can then slide out the pipe from the post line at the top of the fence line.
  3. The next step is to insert the new rail pipers on top and throughout the length of the fence. If needed, simply insert one side of the pipe into the rail end it is attached to. You then need to hit the end of the pipe, while fixing and positioning it into the end of the rail.
  4. The free end of the rail on the pipe should then be properly placed. This, of course, should be situated properly with the fence post bracket. A hammer can then be used to effectively place the end of the rail into position.
  5. The bolt hole within the bracket should be aligned with the bold hold at the rail’s end. Nuts and bolts should be inserted to fix the bracket’s rail end. The final step is attaching the fence ties to the top of the rail. This should be at equal intervals. Hook the chain link net ends with pliers and you are done!

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