Simple Home Improvement Ideas

Your home is your sanctuary. It needs to be taken care of in order to not slowly break down (which does happen). Many people put off simple home improvement projects because they don’t want to deal with the time and energy involved. This is a big mistake. Not only can it cause irreparable harm to your home, it slowly lowers the value of your home overall. If you’re looking at maintaining your home and increasing its value, below are some simple home improvement projects you can invest time and money into.

1. New fences for your property.

Are your current fences falling down? Are they filled with holes or stained from the weather? If so, you may want to look into repairing or even replacing them. Your fence is the border of your property, you want it to look beautiful. Imagine a work of art with a broken frame, that’s what an old fence does to a beautiful home.

Depending on the style of your home, your personal preferences and the weather in your neighborhood, you can go with a wide variety of different fence styles. If you are looking for a fence that will last you a lifetime, go with vinyl. The hard plastic that is used to make vinyl fences will last through the toughest winters, hottest summers, and most brutal storms.

2. New kitchen cabinets/countertops.

This one might sound a little odd but hear us out… One of the most used rooms in your home isn’t your bedroom, office, or even bathroom, it’s your kitchen. It gets an incredible amount if “wear and tear” every single day – cleaning, cooking, etc. Having new kitchen cabinets or countertops installed can give your entire home a new look and feel.

3. Landscaping.

Hundreds of people probably drive or walk past your home every week. How does your property look? Do you have an attractive garden, shrubs, or trees in your yard? Little details like a garden and properly manicured grass make a big impact on how the outside of your home looks. Take a look at some of these amazing landscaping pictures. Imagine how much a little upgrade to your property could make it look better.

4. Paint.

One of the simplest home improvement projects that has the biggest impact (and is probably the cheapest) is painting both the inside and/or outside of your home. We have heard that it is recommended that you paint every few years. However, every five to six years is probably more manageable. What happens over time is that the walls in your home get scuffed, marked, and dirty.  Painting brings your home back to life!

5. Power wash.

So many homes in the New Jersey area have a thick layer of dirt and grim build up on them from years of harsh weather. Just like you need to take a shower, your home needs a wash every once and a while too. We recommend using a power washer for cleaning off your home (especially mold).

What ways do you improve your home? Let us know in the comments below…

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