Wood Fence FAQ

Wood has been used to create fences since the beginning of civilization. Many people who choose wood fences today are attracted by the fact that it is hardy and can last for years when treated properly and it can also be customized into any style that a property owner wants. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about wood fences. If you have a question that is not covered here feel free to contact us.

How good is a cedar wood fence?

Cedar wood fences in the past – maybe 50 years ago – could stand for a very long time. The cedar back then was from trees that had stood for hundreds of years. Those trees, however, got depleted and now the kind of cedar that is planted is fast growing and not as strong as original; cedar. That said, fences made from the new type of cedar will still stand for several years so long as the wood is treated properly.

Is a treated wood fence safe for my children and pets?

This is a common question. As a concerned property owner, what you should do is ensure that your wood is treated using industry approved AQC. There is some wood that is treated with copper chromate arsenic which is obviously not safe for children and pets. Factories are required to put a tag at the end of all posts indicating what chemicals they have used to treat their wood.

How hard is it to maintain a wood fence?

It isn’t very hard so long as your wood is treated properly and then painted. Maintenance may also depend on where your fence is standing – it is near a water source it will degrade much faster than if it stay dry all the time. You should avoid setting your wood fence close to sprinkles and hoses as each time the wood gets wet there is a chance that it will warp.

Can I stain my fence?

As a matter of fact you can but be warned, it is a messy job that should be left for professionals only. Choose a stain color that matches the rest of your landscape. Keep in mind that for wood to stain it has to have been dry for at least 6 weeks – it hasn’t been rained on or wetted in any other way.

Can I install my own wood fence?

Yes, if you are savvy at DIY. If you are not you should have professional fence installers do it.

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