Deers are beautiful and majestic creatures. But when it comes to your garden and property, things become different. Although they are very charismatic and cute animals, deers have become a sort of a problem in some rural areas. Population levels are constantly growing in many states and controlling them has become something similar to a plague control. In some states, density has been estimated to be between 40 and 100 deers per square mile in some rural areas These animals are very flexible and skilled which make them invasive and very difficult to control and to keep out of your yard. This can be quite annoying, specially if you fond of your garden or if you are growing edible plants.

There are different products on the market to repel deers, as well as home remedies such as planting specific types plants or using bunches of human hair. Nevertheless, these remedies and repellants might work once or twice, but it is very probable that the deers will learn to ignore these signals and they will surely come back. A solution to keep these graceful animals away and still respect their environment is to install proper fencing.

Deer fencing, in comparison to ordinary fences, must have a proper material and installation in order to not being knocked down. Also, deers can jump up to 7 or 8 meters (8.74 yards), so height is a crucial factor for your fence. After taking care of the height, you also have to consider the width of your fence. A very effective technique is to add an additional semi-transparent and opaque layer. These overlapping slaps are very successful because deers won't be able to see what is in the other side. Even if deers have a sensitive sense of smell, if they cannot see the source of the smell, they won't pursue their exploration. Another option very suitable for situation where deers are not as many or as strong is deer netting. Deer netting are softer but mostly easier to install as well as more flexible. They come with different hole sizes as well as height (up to 13 feet).

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