Iron Fencing

Not only will iron fencing give you the toughest protection you need, but it also gives a chance to redecorate your home and give it that glam you have always wanted. With the technology we have today, iron fences no longer come in long boring rods fixed together leading to the main gate, they can don different styles and designs to compliment you home’s look. If you have you been thinking of a new way to upgrade your fencing, here are some great ideas to try and see if iron fencing works for you.

Smooth Rail Fences

Smooth rail iron fencing is perfect for private enclosures like a swimming pool or a fish pond. They are constructed as long smooth poles and a characteristic bar running horizontally on top of them. This is the perfect fencing detail you would use on a swimming pool or pond. For other areas, you can decide to be a bit more adventurous and throw in decorative scrolls running on the top. This will be perfect for your patio or front lawn.

Picket Iron Fencing

This is an age old look that is completely timeless. Picket fencing has always worked with wooden planks, but now you can give your front or backyard a permanent picket-look with iron fencing. Picket iron fencing not only protects your perimeter from intruders;they can be molded into different shapes or designs depending on your taste. You can even go with the modern look of spacing the rods differently to achieve a unique look on your fencing.

The Hairpin Picket Fencing

Quite a stylish fencing look lost back in time. However, you can decide to revive this grand style and be unique with your iron fencing. Hairpin iron fencing is commonly seen encompassing historic buildings or monuments. So if you need this archaic look on your home, the hairpin style will perfectly blend with your home design.

You can never go wrong with iron fencing if you are looking for a product that will not only guard your perimeter but also give your home a lavish look. Iron fences are known to be durable and rust free and don’t need constant cleaning to keep them crisp. The modern day iron fencing is coated with a special powder that prevents rust and corrosion and also glimmers with an attractive hue. Iron fencing is sold widely in the market and at a pocket friendly; it is that one investment that promises quality while still minding your pocket as a buyer.


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