More and more people, especially in rural areas and in suburbs, are choosing to install split rail fencing. This is a kind of fence that is made of wood – logs are chopped into planks that are then nailed to posts and then installed as fencing. It has a great natural, rustic look – the reason why many choose it – and it is also affordable. Split rail fencing was first used by soldiers – they would quickly build fences that could keep the enemy out and at the same time remain camouflaged. Today, its resurgence is simply due to the kind of finish it gives a property. Split rail fences are also commonly used to show property lines and to keep livestock and horses in.

This kind of fencing can last for years if the right kind of timber is used and it if is treated properly. Hardwoods such as cedars are recommended and they should be factory treated before they are used to construct the fence. When it is installed the fence should also be given a generous dousing with wood preservative to ensure that it isn’t eaten by bugs. To make sure that the fence stands for a long time the holes where they posts will stand are first fortified using concrete.

Finding someone to install a split fence for you is easy. Start by driving around and looking at the split rail fences to see if there are some in particular that impress you. If you find one you are in luck because your search is over – simply ask the property owner to give you the contacts of the one who did his installation. If you cant find a split rail fence that you like then go online and do a search for split rail installers in your area. You should come up with several. To narrow down your list look at the pictures of fences that they have installed, customer reviews and price. You should also find out whether they offer a good guarantee – this is a competitive business and guarantees help businesses stand out. Find out how long they have been in operation as this tells you how experienced they are.

If you narrow down your list to one or two then you can go over to their location and see the kind of timber that they have and their sample split rail fences.

Lastly, when it comes to this kind of fencing don’t buy from a vendor just because they are cheap – it could be because they are using substandard timber.


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